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Lomi Lomi Massage Training

call: Christina 0409 960 323

email: [email protected]

Hawaiian LOMI LOMI Massage Training Courses and Retreats 




WHERE: Indented Head

Certificate: 60 hours contact time

COST: $1,600.00 Deposit $600.00

Early Bird: $1,300.00 paid 2 weeks prior

Concession $1,100.00


  • Five (5) nights shared accommodation
  • All meals - Organic vegetarian. Starting with dinner on Sunday, ending with breakfast Saturday.
  • 60 Hours certificate
  • Manual
  • Lots of yummy massage - individual training
  • Focus is on the basic elements of Hawaiian bodywork and Protocols.
  • Ideal for everyone, including beginners, massage therapists and anyone wanting to become a Lomi Lomi practitioner, or wants to learn a massage craft for family or enhance their own healing practice.        

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Foundation Training

  • 5 days and 5 nights of intensive training
  • Focus on the basic elements of Hawaiian Bodywork, Traditions, and Philosophies.
  • Ideal for everyone, including beginners and anyone wanting to become a Lomi Lomi professional practitioner.
  • Hawaiian teachings and protocols.
  • Creating a sacred space for maximum healing.
  • Powerful tools to encourage the release of tension and stress
  • Flying, (meditation in motion)
  • Basic anatomy, setting up our practice, professionalism etc.
  • Give and receive lots of yummy massage
  • No previous massage experience necessary.
  • The only prerequisite is an open heart and willingness to learn

What is Hawaiian Lomi Lomi?

This beautiful massage is more than a massage; An ancient temple style of bodywork, which applies strokes that are flowing, loving, and totally nurturing the whole body

It is especially focused on opening the heart energy and restoring balance to heart, body and soul, whilst working deeply and gently into the muscles to release tension.

The Lomi Lomi we teach is based on the Massage style of I, which involves using both the forearms and hands in long flowing strokes along the body, with continual dance like rhythm and fluidity, in combination with the breath.

It is a graceful and yet in-depth bodywork that has a unique flow and pressure, both soft and deep, it encourages the body, mind and spirit to heal. leaving the giver and the receiver feeling relaxed yet energised and in harmony with universal energy

WHAT You will learn


  • Hawaiian teachings, protocols and philosophy.
  • Learn, practice and perfect the Lomi Lomi massage techniques for a full body 90-minute massage.
  • Basic anatomy.
  • Powerful tools to encourage the release of stress and tension.
  • Creating a sacred space for maximum healing.
  • Dance - a form of moving meditation which is incorporated into the massage strokes.
  • Give and receive lots of wonderful, flowing massages.
  • Tools to support your body and to heal yourself.

An introduction to Hawaiian Culture, the Healing Philosophies and how to apply them to your life and to the massage.

Flying, that is a form of meditation which is incorporated into the massage strokes.

You will learn how to carry out a full body 90 minute Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage session, using basic massage techniques, set up the room, draping, hygiene and equipment usage, how to use the breath and create a sacred energetic space for healing for both the giver and the receiver.

No prior qualifications or massage experience is necessary to join us on the retreat. Many go on to work as a Lomi Lomi practitioner, or to massage family and friends, whilst others learn the Hawaiian philosophy to integrate into their everyday living. The only pre-requisite is an open heart, a willingness to learn, the desire to believe, grow and have fun. 


Christina’s Lomi Lomi massage training, was life changing.

It got me in touch with a deep place inside myself that is able to give and share in abundance, with feminine care and beauty.

In the heart of Melbourne winter, somehow through Christina’s magic teachings, the practice and the ambiance, I got the taste of the spirit of Hawaii.

The space was like a coconut womb of bliss, a joyous healing for all of us.

Kia Maddock Artist

I am forever grateful to Christine for sharing her vast knowledge of this sacred healing art. Christine is a very funny, caring and compassionate teacher, always encouraging us to grow from within. Her light-hearted teaching approach allowed me to learn at my own pace and ask many questions. The early sunrise “flying” on the beach was one of my favourite magical moments. The delicious organic vegetarian food was not only delicious but very healing as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank you, Christine, for sharing all of it. Blessings.

Hang Nhan. Yoga Teacher

I very much enjoyed everything that we did. It was good to get up early in the morning and see the sunrise etc. The teaching was supportive, but firm and not judgmental which was perfect.

The most I got out of the course was learning to be more present again. Think less and do more.

Since the course when the drama and trauma builds up I just take a few deep breaths and think ‘whatever, it is all just stuff, no big deal’, and then mind my pono.

I love it and just find the whole lomi lomi experience beautiful. thanks for all the effort you have made to create the course and for giving me the chance to participate.

Troy Whinney. Business Owner

Christina’s workshop was brilliant! The accommodation was modern with clean lines and very spacious; the organic vegetarian food was magnificent and worked like a complete detox for me; the meditation and yoga an interesting experience; the free-form dancing rejuvenating and hilarious; and the beach walks, greeting the sunrise and ‘flying’ was more than just a breath of fresh air for me. It was out of the norm but exhilarating! 

Christina was extremely supportive and would demonstrate the techniques but it was up to us to ‘make it our own’. Encourage us to work slowly and intuitively. Receiving the Lomi Lomi massage is a beautiful and relaxing experience but the giving the massage is quite powerful. I needed to ‘give of myself.’ In order to do this, I found I needed to make peace with myself which in the end, I was able to do. I needed to forgive myself for not being perfect and had to learn to like myself again. I learned how to breathe. It took some work, but with Christina’s help, I got there.Thank you for enlightening me and helping me to discover all that is good in me and with the universe.

Pat BartonReflexologist and Massage therapist

I had always wanted to learn massage and was particularly interested in Hawaiian massage, after having one a few years ago. After searching online for courses, I was drawn to Christina Martin's Lomi Lomi massage page. I liked the idea of a retreat training by the sea and I felt connected to the aloha energy immediately. Training with Christina was a wonderful, positive transfroemative experience for me, and most definitely one of the best things I have done in my life. Christina is genuine, gifted, compassionate and supportive. Her training is thorough, sacred and of the highest integrity. The course was so much more than I expected. I felt confident and alligned with all that I needed to begin massageing clients once the traing was completed. I am deeply. I am deeply grateful for this experience and look forward to more training with Christina soon.

Kym Smith Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master