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Hawaiian healing touch Lomi Lomi Massage


90 minutes $160

120 Minutes $200

Give yourself some time out to recoup, relax and reconnect to who you really are. 

please refer to cancellation policy on HOME page.

The wonder of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is something everyone on this planet should experience and the philosophy of the Ancient Hawaiian culture and its traditions is a way to live by (aloha).

It is an experience that overwhelms the mind and body with sensations as the Lom lomi Massage therapist uses intuitive movement, breathing, rhythm and focused intention in long, flowing strokes. 

The Hawaiian Lomi lomi form of bodywork will leave you completely relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi has been described as the most beautiful massage on earth and is extremely popular among lovers of massage throughout the world. It is a powerfully healing style of massage that uses the forearms in addition to the hands and fingers in long-flowing strokes along the body to remove layers of tension, not unlike the waves of the ocean. This constant flow makes it easy for the receiver to ’switch off’ and enter into deep healing states of relaxation. It encourages the body, mind and spirit to heal, leaving the receiver feeling relaxed yet alive and energized, and creating a sense of harmony on all levels.

Lomi Lomi can be a soft, relaxing massage or it can be very deep and ‘remedial’ depending on the needs of the client. In basic terms, Lomi Lomi in Hawaiian language means, ‘to knead’, ‘to squeeze’, ‘to make soft’ among other similar definitions. The Hawaiians believe that where there is ’softness’ there is no ‘tension’, which is the root cause of illness.

The Lomi Lomi massage that we teach and perform is in the style and is also known as the “Temple-style” Lomi, this graceful, in depth bodywork incorporates hula movements to produce a profound healing effect for the recipient, at the same time energizing the practitioner. It is with great honour that we are able to offer this precious gift of Lomi Lomi to you. 

We have immense respect and love for this sacred massage, its teachers, and the homeland ‘Hawaii’ where this form of massage is based on the Kahuna Massage style of ‘Kahu Abraham Kawai’I’.

We invite you to be totally pampered and deeply nurtured by this unique experience, and to be transformed by the magic and essence of ALOHA!

Lomi Lomi Massage Healing:

Allows the life energy to flow through your body and mind.

Is as relaxing and beautiful, soothing and cleansing as the magical pacific ocean:

Vibrates and energizes the skin, muscles and nerves simultaneously and helps the body become light, active and full of vitality

Releases deep seated tension, giving you sensations of ease, pleasure and freedom in your body

Helps to allow feelings of emotional connection and to be in touch with your self and the people around you, giving you confidence, power and balance

Rests your brain, clears your mind, slows and calms your thoughts, you will be able to think with greater mental clarity, calmness and stability

Promotes deep relaxation and rejuvenation on all levels.

Releases emotional blocks by encouraging you to let go and surrender to the healing process.

Helps you to remember who you are and allows the connection to your essential self, the spirit in life, the pure wonder and magic of being alive