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I had always wanted to learn massage and was particularly interested in

Hawaiian massage after having had one a few years ago. After searching

online for courses I was drawn to Christina Martin's Lomi Lomi Massage

page, I liked the idea of retreat training by the sea & I felt connected

to the Aloha energy immediately. Training with Christina was a

wonderful, positive transformative experience for me and most definitely

one of the best things I have done in my life.

Christina is genuine, gifted, compassionate and supportive. Her training

is thorough, sacred and of the highest integrity. The course was so much

more than I expected, I felt confident & aligned with all that I needed

to begin massaging clients once the training was completed. I am deeply

grateful for this experience and look forward to more training with

Christina soon.

Peace, love & blessings,

Kym February 2015 (yoga teacher)

I am forever grateful to Christine for sharing her vast knowledge of this sacred healing art. Christine is a very funny, caring and compassionate teacher, always encouraging us to grow from within. Her light-hearted teaching approach allowed me to learn at my own pace and ask many questions. The early sunrise “flying” on the beach was one of my favourite magical moments. The delicious organic vegetarian food was not only delicious but very healing as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank you, Christine, for sharing all of it. Blessings.

Hang Nhan. July 2015 (Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher)

I very much enjoyed everything that we did. It was good to get up early in the morning and see the sunrise etc. My favourite aside from the massage was the dancing or movement one morning, especially the shaking bit. The teaching was supportive, but firm and not judgmental which was perfect.

The most I got out of the course was learning to be more present again. Think less and do more. The not using technology as much as possible was great and would be something I would encourage future course participants to adhere to.

Since the course when the drama and trauma builds up I just take a few deep breaths and think ‘whatever, it is all just stuff, no big deal’, and then mind my pono.

One week after the course and my wife has enjoyed three ninety minute massages. I love it and just find the whole lomi lomi experience beautiful. thanks for all the effort you have made to create the course and for giving me the chance to participate.

Troy Whinny July 2015 (Business Owner)

Christina’s workshop was brilliant! My fellow students were patient beautiful people; the accommodation was modern with clean lines and very spacious; the organic vegetarian food was magnificent and worked like a complete detox for me; the meditation and yoga an interesting experience; the free-form dancing rejuvenating and hilarious; and the beach walks, greeting the sunrise and ‘flying’ was more than just a breath of fresh air for me. It was out of the norm but exhilarating!

The Lomi Lomi massage being somewhat different to any other massage I’ve done before, it wasn’t difficult but was quite challenging. Christina was extremely supportive and would demonstrate the techniques but it was up to us to ‘make it our own’. Encourage us to work slowly and intuitively.

Receiving the Lomi Lomi massage is a beautiful and relaxing experience but the giving the massage is quite powerful. I needed to ‘give of myself.’ In order to do this, I found I needed to make peace with myself which in the end, I was able to do. I needed to forgive myself for not being perfect and had to learn to like myself again. I learned how to breathe. It took some work, but with Christina’s help, I got there.

Thank you for enlightening me and helping me to discover all that is good in me and with the universe.

Pat Barton July and September 2015 (Reflexologist and Massage therapist)


Christine is passionate in her quest to help others to reach their full potential in life, to achieve optimal wellbeing, better health and obtain their health goal successes.

Christine has had a keen interest in Natural and Energetic medicine for many years. She obtained a diploma of Homoeopathy in 1994 and since then has studied other forms of Natural and Energetic Therapies.

Having completed an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy and Diploma in Reflexology, Christine combines the knowledge from these to help others to achieve thier health goals.

She was drawn to the Hawaiian form of bodywork because of the energy and spiritual focus as well as the massage.

Christine leant this wonderful therapy with Tania Hodder of ’Touch of Aloha’, who is based on the Gold Coast. And has also been to Hawaii to study Lomi Lomi and Hula with 'Susan Pa`iniu Floyd

of Huna International.

In the last 4 years, Christina has been studying with Lawrence Aki and Kawika Foster, learning the Hawaiian ancient ancestral teachings from 'Halawa Valley' on Molokai. These teachings are shared in the retreats, courses and massage therapy, and have transformed many with the profound and strong foundation approach to walking on the spiritual path.

Christina is also a student of the teachings of 'Thich Tnat Hahn' zen buddhist and mindfulness teacher.

Approaching your health holistically and in conjunction offers the following therapies

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage and Bodywork

Naturopathy and Homoeopathy

Hot stone, Pregnancy, Heartworks and Relaxation Massage

Advanced Diploma of 'Naturopathy' Member ATMS

Diploma 'Homoeopathy'

Member 'ATMS'

Member 'IICT'

Certificate 'Advanced Lomi Lomi Massage'

Certificate 'Hot Stone Massage'

Diploma Reflexology'

Certificate 'Reiki 1 & 2'

Certificate 'Foot Mobilisation Technique'

Certificate post-graduate 'Australian School of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine'

Certificate of 'Ear Candling'.

Certificate 'Spiritual Healers Course'