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Hawaiian Traditional Teachings Healing Touch Lomi Lomi Massage Training Retreats



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About us

Aloha: Hawaiian traditional ancestral teachings and Lomi Lomi training. Hawaiian healing Ho'oponopono (forgiveness and putting things right...very right.)

Aloha Healing by the Sea🐚

Invitation to join us as we explore what healing really is.

As we explore and experience the foundations of the Ancient Hawaiian Spiritual teachings, we can come to know that healing is not required, because in the healing realms the healing is already done.

Through training in Lomi lomi and Hot stone massage, here on the Bellarine peninsula Victoria, you will be immersed in the teachings and surrounded by the healing realms.

Lomi lomi is an integral part of a much larger healing process that the ancestors developed🌈

Check the events and come join us on this healing journey.

When you come to a place of knowing, you can’t go back because “YOU KNOW “

My name is Christina and I am passionate about making a positive impact on myself and others. 

By developing and growing myself I can offer the experience of this to others. 

Walking the talk and being congruent is really important to me.

Through physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing we take into account environmental and physical influences, 

that affect all aspects of our health.

Wellbeing is our birthright, looking at ways that can bring you back to that which is not seperate, but complete and connected. Surrendering, allowing the good to come from that which is unseen and unheard to physical form, by living mindfully, in Aloha and Pono we can make the contributions to the world that only you can make, 

and then enjoying the abundance of all things in this Universe that you'll receive in return..


HAWAIIAN teachings -  Lomi Lomi Healing Touch Massage Training & Lomi Lomi Hot Stone Massage Training

 Ho'oponopono sessions Luna Executioner